Welcome to Milano

What you know about Milan likely sums up to “second largest, industrial, ugly”. This blog is about changing the way you look at her.
Church of Sant'Alessandro in Milan
Church of Sant’Alessandro in Milan

I was born and still live in Sesto San Giovanni, the largest and, according to some, ugliest, town in the immediate surrounding of Milano. This was the seat of many of the industries of Milan, and the town developed around these industries. Sesto San Giovanni likely sums up what many people think of Milano, and honestly although I must ad mit that if you look carefully it does have some saving traits), Sesto is that very thing.

Abandoned Falk factory seen from the Sesto San Giovanni railway station
The former Falk factory as seen from the railway station in Sesto

Indeed, though, people living in Sesto tend to gravitate towards Milan and the city is a completely different story. Milan is patrician and yet popular, despite having been destroyed several times along its history, it preserves some of its grandeur, and it’s a rather lively city. What this blog is and will be about is bringing out the beauty of Milan: sometimes an unusual beauty. Sometimes I will show grand architectures, both old and new, sometimes I will concentrate on the more mundane, sometimes I will focus on the city’s industrial past trying to uncover what’s interesting and maybe unusually attractive.

I will be writing in English, which is not my native language, because this blog is mainly aimed at the international public. Please, be forgiving of my occasional mistakes.


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