The Milan zoo

Up until 1992 Milan did have a zoo, smack in the city center. Now the way too tiny cages that hosted the animals are empty and make up part of the “Giardinetti Pubblici”, the green area in Porta Venezia. When I was a child a trip to the Milan zoo was a rare treat. It […]

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The iron gecko

Viale Maino is one of the most upscale streets to live in in Milan, and it is worth a walk just to stare at the buildings that fringe this street. Right off the corner with corso Buenos Aires, a recent building has a very interesting gate with geometric shapes cutout and a funny gecko handle. […]

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Welcome to Milano

What you know about Milan likely sums up to “second largest, industrial, ugly”. This blog is about changing the way you look at her. I was born and still live in Sesto San Giovanni, the largest and, according to some, ugliest, town in the immediate surrounding of Milano. This was the seat of many of […]

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