The grind of history

Sometimes broken pieces of ancient farms and equipment are left on the ground and used as decoration for public parks and gardens. These grindstones and columns can now be seen at one end of the public garden on via dei Giardini in Sesto San Giovanni. They are an interesting reminder of the agricoltural past of […]

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A tiny garden

More and more forlorn patches of ground, too tiny to be built upon, are being turned into tiny public gardens. This one is located in the equally tiny center of Sesto San Giovanni. When one carefully plans a city, it is easy to find use for basically any bit of ground. When the the city […]

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The scalped belltower

The belltower of the main church in Sesto San Giovanni has a squared off top which earned it the name el quadretton, “the big square one”. This rather unimpressive, squat church is Santo Stefano, the main church in Sesto San Giovanni. It is located at the center of the older part of the town, what […]

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Welcome to Milano

What you know about Milan likely sums up to “second largest, industrial, ugly”. This blog is about changing the way you look at her. I was born and still live in Sesto San Giovanni, the largest and, according to some, ugliest, town in the immediate surrounding of Milano. This was the seat of many of […]

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