A short walk on the Navigli

The Navigli, the old Milanese canals, are the hotspot for nightlife in the city. I usually avoid them later in the day in Summer, especially on Saturdays, they lose much of their quaintness to the drove of tourists and partying Milanese. Yesterday, though, I had to wade the crowds to reach my subway station, and […]

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The grind of history

Sometimes broken pieces of ancient farms and equipment are left on the ground and used as decoration for public parks and gardens. These grindstones and columns can now be seen at one end of the public garden on via dei Giardini in Sesto San Giovanni. They are an interesting reminder of the agricoltural past of […]

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Graffiti at Porta Ticinese

A walk across the porta ticinese neighborhood  offers a lot of bonuses, amongst them the score of graffiti adorning its walls. Through time the various artists have used the features of the buildings to create their works, incorporating them in the overall scenery.  

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Scountrel tram n. 1833

The 1932 comedy Gli uomini che mascalzoni (What scoundrels men are!) with a very young Vittorio De Sica open with a long tram chase. If you never happened to see it, linked here you can find a few selected scenes from What scoundrels men are! (which is currently in the Public Domain). It’s a light […]

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The fourth day of Christmas

There are dishes that run across Italy when it comes to the New Year festivities. One is cotechino. And there’s what I did with leftover cotechino. Cotechino is a traditional large pork sausage. It’s made with the cheapest parts of the animal: mostly rind and head, roughly ground, to which just a little bit of […]

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A tiny garden

More and more forlorn patches of ground, too tiny to be built upon, are being turned into tiny public gardens. This one is located in the equally tiny center of Sesto San Giovanni. When one carefully plans a city, it is easy to find use for basically any bit of ground. When the the city […]

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A free guidebook to Milan

A downloadable free guidebook created by SEA (the Milan airports) and the Milan local adiministration describes 100 places you can visit in the city. Get it today! In case you are planning a visit to Milano you are likely to already own at least one other guidebook, but you could still download this one and […]

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Sheltering outside at the station

If you happen to be in a medium-sized station hat hasn’t been recently update you mat hapen to spot these outdoor completely enclosed shelter areas on the platforms. Most are closed off by now. I spotted this yellow one in Busto Arsizio, one of the towns between Milano and the Malpensa airport. It is mostly […]

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Nanni Svampa, he who sang Milan

Nanni Svampa, who died just a couple of nights ago, was one of the most relevant Milan voices, who kept traditional milanese song alive through the 1970’s and 1980’s. Nanni Svampa found his success as one of the four members of comedian-musicians group “I gufi” (the owls), who in the 1950’s were the most cutting […]

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